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I read the news today, oh boy

Is it wars that really shape what kind of society we are today?

Here are the two notable events presented on the Today Show:
-A Special Ed Bus Driver is indicted for verbally and physically abusing a mentally disabled 7 year old boy on the school bus. The family had stuck a tape recorder in the boy's backpack and the verbal abuse and physical threats were sickening. The boy is restrained via harness in his seat so it's not like he's an aggressive child who is prone to causing a safety issue.
-A group of Senior high school girls conducted a "hazing" event on Junior girls at the Junior/Senior PowderPuff game. The hazing including beatings, forced feeding of fecal material, cuts, and using weapons.

At what point in our society are we people who abuse children who are strapped down in a mentally disabled state? And we force feed young women fecal matter?! This is absolutely revolting and makes one think that the real thing we should be protesting in our world is how we treat each other on a local and civic level. This has made me more sick than anything because there is NO excuse for it. You cannot claim religious culture on this one or reaction to an immediate threat. I hope the whole lot get thrown in jail. I'm especially sick and tired of women brutalizing other women.

In other news, there is not much news.
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