Lis (moondrop72) wrote,

Want to shag boss!

So life never ceases to amaze. I met my boss. I just don't mean the person who signs my timecard kind of thing, but the big Uber Daddy who signs the paychecks. He's so attractive, so hot and I found myself becoming a bit Bridget on him. No, I don't mean wearing a see-through top or non-existent skirt but just making sort of sad jokes and that sort of thing.

I made myself irresistable. Ok, no, not really. But I did wear makeup and a pair of trousers I've gotten several compliments on.

I CIRCULATED. Ok, no not really again. But I ignored him when he burst into the work room and expected us to know who he was by the sound of his dudely voice. I didn't turn around or respond, simply because I'd met him before briefly and I didn't even think he knew who I was, nor do I think I should be responsible for introducing myself when he's MY boss. But....I saw his reflection in my monitor (did you think I was going to say "Snow Covered Hills"?!) and he stopped in the door way and looked at me. Then he stepped out halfway, then stepped back in and said my name. I turned around and he said "I'm Donald Duck." (not his real name) and stuck his hand out for me to shake it. So I did and I said "Yes, I know. I met you a couple weeks ago." And he looked flustered and then said "Oh, right. I just wasn't sure you knew who I was." and I said "I do." Then he pulled up a chair and sat next to me to shoot the proverbial shit.

I Brought to Attention Thoughtful Details About Others. I really did, I shined the light on K here, who is a very junior out of college girl who is trying really hard and I wanted to make sure he knew she was working her ass off. I thought it made me look relaxed an benevolent as well ;-D

I also made some silly jokes, including refering to him as the bad boy and if I could work from my hotel room to which he took a double take which makes me wonder if he realized I meant testing in my hotel room not some other hotel room related occupation.

That said, he's totally doable.

I make no plans for myself and this young, wealthy, single, powerful, sartorial dresser with a touch of bad boy in him. I just like to think about it. I would never pursue a person who is my boss. Especially Uber Daddy Boss.
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